The Joe Fund

The Joe Fund Scholarship Program

Joe Cerach

Participation for All

The Joe Fund is named after Joseph S. Cerach, a former Littlebrook custodian who died in 1989. Joe’s vision was that ALL Littlebrook students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular and summer activities, such as art classes and music programs, regardless of family income. In 1991, the Joe Fund was established to carry out Joe’s dream.

Scholarship Program

A Joe Fund scholarship is a financial award that is given directly to a community organization to completely or partially fund a student’s extracurricular activity. The Joe Fund partners with local youth organizations such as the Princeton Recreation Department, Princeton YWCA, Princeton Family YMCA, Princeton FC Soccer, Westminster Conservatory of Music, Art Collaborations and the Arts Council of Princeton. During the 2014-2015 school year, the Fund awarded 28 scholarships to Littlebrook students. The majority of the grants helped pay for after school activities.

A number of the 2014-2015 awards were also used toward summer camps for Littlebrook students. In addition to providing scholarships for extracurricular activities during the school year, the Joe Fund also partners with the Princeton Housing Authority, Princeton Recreation Department and Princeton YWCA to offer summer camps for our students.


ANY Littlebrook student in financial need may apply for a Joe Fund scholarship. Eligibility is determined by Katelyn Hoobler (School Counselor and Joe Fund Coordinator), and Louis Ramirez, Principal. Students in need of scholarship to participate in Littlebrook afterschool activities provided by the PTO will be able to do so without it counting toward any other potential Joe Fund allotted scholarship amounts.

Privacy Information

The Joe Fund takes confidentiality very seriously. Only Ms. Hoobler and Mr. Ramirez have access to the personal information provided by parents on the Joe Fund scholarship applications. However, once a scholarship is issued, we must share basic information with our partner organizations in order to enroll a child in a program. This information usually includes a child’s name, address and parents’ contact information. Please note that our community partners are also held to a high standard of confidentiality within their own organizations and the expectation is that information is given only on an “as needed” basis.


Please contact Katelyn Hoobler at 609-806-4250 ext. 6581 or for information about applying.

Need more information?

Please contact Rosalind Muir at on the PTO for more information on volunteer, donation or fundraising opportunities.