Green Team

Going Green at Littlebrook

The Littlebrook Community prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and educating our students on how to minimize their impact on the environment. Around school we have many unique opportunities to Go Green:

  • Food Composting in the Cafeteria
  • TREX Recycling - Turn Plastic Bags into Recycled Lumber
  • Broad support for recycling - Plastics #1-#7, as well as glass and metals
  • Food wrapper recycling through TerraCycle

Reusable Silverwear

Littlebrook is the first elementary school in the Princeton Region School system to use reusable silverware in the lunchroom. In collaboration with our food service supplier and with the commitment of our wonderful staff, we have done away with plastic utensils.

Green Partyware

Each classroom at Littlebrook has a complete collection of washable cups, plates, forks and spoons thanks to a grant from Sustainable Jersey. This means no more disposable items for classroom parties and birthday celebrations! Instead, just show up with some yummy treats and bring home any dirty dishes to run through your dishwasher and return to your teacher.

Reduced Party Waste

This year Littlebrook aims to reduce packaging waste at our events and classroom parties. Teachers and room parents are encouraged to eliminate unnecessary waste in crafts and party activities. In addition, parents should bring treats to school in reusable containers. Family and community events will strive to use compostible or reusable packaging.