Your PTO contributions help fund a diverse group of artist, musician and scientist visits throughout the year. When invited artists or special educators work with students over a period of time to complete a project or performance, their extended visits are called residencies.

These residencies provide enrichment to the classroom experience: some provide depth to an area of study while others expose alternative ways of learning or manipulating important lessons within the curriculum. Read below to learn about what each grade level is experiencing, thanks to your support of our wonderful residency program!


Kindergarten Residency: Art Sparks Learning

Submerge yourself into an artist’s world! Our Kindergarten classes work hands-on with artist Julie Rosenthale, owner of Art Sparks. Children explore and create using a variety of art media, acquire a language of art-making and become familiar with materials, tools, techniques and artists. Last year, for example, our Kindergarten children created mixed media tapestry inspired by the work of fiber artist Louise O’Hara. The students looked closely at and discussed photographic examples of her work, noticing color, shapes, subject matter and materials. The children’s beautiful artwork was then displayed at Littlebrook’s Pasta Dinner (before taken home) for all to admire!

First Grade Residency: Literacy Through Lyrics

Our first graders get to belt out the high notes of learning with this residency! Singer/Songwriter Alice Leon engage the children every step of the way to create an original song based on a curriculum topic chosen by the class. Through group work, the children pick a rhythm, write lyrics, record a song using Voice Memos, create a green screen music video and even edit it together using Video Star. What you get is a science, math or some school lesson you just can’t seem to get out of your head!

Second Grade Residency: Environments

Our second grade gets up close and personal with nature during this new residency. Environmental experts from Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion have teamed up with our teachers to customize a program which complements the current science curriculum. The final project? The museum educators, students and teachers are working together to install, establish and maintain a living plant wall in the school lobby! The living wall will be incorporated into the lessons as part of the residency and will be enjoyed by the whole school. Come check it out!

Third Grade Residency: Colonial Dancing

Third graders get to show off their colonial dance moves with local dance educator and choreographer, Christine Colosimo. During this movement residency, our children learn three types of colonial dance - the Virginia Reel, the Quadrille and the Jig - a wonderful complement to third grade's colonial history curriculum. Our children then get to perform these group dances during Littlebrook's Colonial Fair Day. Now that's something to "quill and ink" home about!

Fourth Grade Residency: Slam Poetry

For the fourth grade residency, slam poet Gayle Danley opens up with an inspiring assembly where she performs her own award-winning poetry. Then she conducts zealful writing workshops where students learn to wring, fling, bling and sing their way through writing and performing poetry. The residency culminates in a fourth grade assembly with students sharing their original poems. Honest, touching, funny, clever, emotional, heart-warming… and so much more!

Fifth Grade Residency: Shakespeare Play

All the world’s a stage for our fifth grade residency. Fifth grade students get the opportunity to work with seasoned McCarter Theatre artists and staff to create a full performance of an adapted Shakespearean text. This accessible introduction to Shakespeare’s language and storytelling offers students the opportunity to delve into a classic work of literature, work together, memorize lines and movement, create characters and share a Shakespearean performance with their school community. (The Kindergarten classes get especially excited to see their fifth grade buddies on stage!)