Science Expo

The Vision

Imagine a day where bees, lasers, horseshoe crabs, bubbles, chickens, rainbows, and beetles descend upon the school. Or perhaps you hear a loud chemistry explosion, see marshmallow peeps expand, or witness a sorting dance while words like "photosynthesis," "central limit theorem," and "bionic eye" come drifting into the halls.

This is the LB Science Expo, a day where science truly comes alive at Littlebrook. On Thursday May 28, 2020 - talented scientists, parents and community members will volunteer their time to wow our children for the 11th Annual Science Expo.

Calling all Scientists

The LB Science Expo needs scientists, biologists, mathematicians, engineers, physicians, astronomers, chemists, geneticists, and more, as well as those who have a scientific hobby or passion to contribute! Share an activity and your knowledge and enthusiasm about math or science with our students.

Here are a few facts about how the Expo works:

  • During the Expo, students rotate from one classroom to another every 20 minutes.
  • As a facilitator, you will be assigned to one classroom, and a new class will arrive to learn with you every 20 minutes.
  • Thus, in one hour, you can share an activity with 3 classes, and you are welcome to tell us how much time you can be available.
  • Some facilitators come in the morning, others in the afternoon, and still others stay all day!
  • You are welcome to work with your children's grades, and/or any others that you feel will be appropriate for your topic. For example, some facilitators target younger children (K-2) and others target older ones (3-5), whereas a few can even take on a wider range.
  • Need advice on how to adjust your activity to make it appropriate to various grade levels and ensure it has a hands-on component that will keep kids engaged? Or, have general questions, please email:

The sign-up form for the 2020 Science Expo is now OPEN. Click here to register.

List of Facilitators



This event would not be possible without an army of volunteers! We always need many non-presenter volunteers to help the day run smoothly. If you would like to join us in supporting the Expo, please contact