Cancellation Policy

Special Message about Cancellation Policy and Covid-19 Related School Closures:

The After School Activities Committee's Inclement Weather/Teacher Unavailability cancellation policy (found in full cancellation policy below) applies to any Covid-19 related school closure or early dismissal. It was our hope that if Littlebrook was closed temporarily or a teacher needed to cancel some ASA classes, there would still be enough time left in the school year to make up any cancelled classes in person or virtually (if offered) and complete the full 8-week session. Since Governor Murphy has now announced all schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic year, we will be assessing refunds for unfulfilled ASA classes and sending out refund forms in the coming weeks. You can decide to have the amount refunded or remain a donation to the PTO.

Cancellation Policy

The After School Activities program is organized by parent volunteers who rely on the enrollments received by 8:00 p.m. on the final night of the week-long registration period to make decisions about whether any ASAs need to be cancelled due to low enrollment, whether waitlisted students can be accommodated, and whether additional instructors are needed for an ASA. Once registration closes, the volunteers spend hours creating rosters for the ASA instructors, Litlebrook’s administrative staff, the Child Study Team, and MASH/PYA supervisors. In light of the additional work each post-registration change entails and in the interest of fairness and consistency, the Littlebrook PTO After School Activities Committee has adopted the following policies, effective January 3rd, 2020.


● If you request to cancel your child’s enrollment during the registration period, the Littlebrook PTO will refund the amount paid in full.

● No refunds will be offered after registration closes except in the event a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, inclement weather or instructor unavailability as stated below. Although there are no refunds after the registration period, you can feel good that your amount paid will be a direct donation to our PTO Contribution Fund, supporting our school.


● If you enrolled your child in an ASA but would like to enroll your child in a different ASA instead and the registration period is still open, please email the After School Activities Committee at lbafterschool1@gmail to submit a request and receive instructions regarding how to change your child’s registration.

● No changes can be made to your child’s enrollment after registration closes, except for when your child has been invited to enroll in an ASA from the waitlist but is already enrolled in another ASA held at the same time. This includes no substituting one child for another or switching from one class to another.


The Littlebrook PTO After School Activities Committee's policy is to make every effort to reschedule classes missed due to inclement weather and/or the unavailability of the instructor.

● After School Activities are not held when school is closed for the day or closes early.

● When possible, make-up classes will be held on the same day of the week and be added to the end of the session.

● When this is not possible, we may add additional time to the remaining classes and/or schedule a make-up class during an early dismissal day.

● If it is not possible to schedule a make-up day in the current session, Littlebrook PTO will issue a refund for the missed class(es).

Decisions regarding make-up days are at the discretion of the After School Activities Committee and will be communicated to parents/guardians as soon as information is available.